Major PS3 Announcement Rumored for May 2nd Reveal


As E3 continues to sneak up on gamers it is usual for these kinds of rumors have started surfacing but it seems that Sony is going to be revealing something on May 2nd exclusively to a french website named "" according to their latest post on their website they are gearing up to reveal a PS3 exclusive but while the rumor does not suggest what game it could be there are many guesses to choose from including the recently teased God of War 4? But only time will tell now on what lies ahead for PS Fans.

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This is an annual practice for gamers, every year as E3 draws closer more and more video game rumors and hints pop up to help get fans excited for forgotten titles but it seems that this year ""is going to be the first to reveal a Sony exclusive on May 2nd, while the element of surprise still remains it would be good to wager a guess on a variety of options such as a new God of War, a new Quantic Dream video game and many other options such as a secret Sony Super Smash Brothers title or maybe even the highly rumored new Guerilla Games IP or dare I say even a new Killzone game given the cliffhanger 3 ended on, But for now this is still a rumor and we can only wait till May 2nd and see whether the site really has something special for us or not.

According to their post (Please forgive the translation as I am just copy pasting this from Google Chrome, if you feel there is a mistranslation of some sort please feel free to drop me a comment )

Writing gives you the appointment Wednesday, May 2 at 19:30 for a special show, live. Niril, Virgil and Kevin will be on the board to present a major PS3 exclusive. On this occasion, you can interact with us to ask questions and give us your feedback. It is Sophie who will represent you throughout the show. You hear about it soon.

So there you have it folks, now only time will truly tell whether we are truly in for a surprise or not.