Sony Drops Another God of War Teaser, Could This be God of War 4 or a Vita title?

Sony has constantly been dropping God of War 4 hint bombs through out the duration of the previous year and while there never was any official word from them the sources were pretty reliable especially since they all originated from one or another Sony Facebook page.But this time Sony has given us something DEFINITIVE to work on and asks fans the question of "Will Vengeance Bring Redemption?" The reveal will be on April 19th which isn't really that far away now so now the only question is whether this will be a PS Vita exclusive title or a PS3 title?

God of War 4 is one of the many games on the wish list of many PS3 fans, especially after the cliffhanger of an ending God of War 3 delivered after the credits. But with all the attention the PS Vita has been getting is Sony simply getting console players hopes up or will they make everyone happy by making God of War 4 Cross Platform ready? PS Vita has its own Uncharted, Wipeout and own launch of exclusive titles and it seems God of War could be joining in on the party very soon too.

The image originated HERE as you can see the image is the latest cover photo for PlayStation's Facebook page which means that this is some official news and no longer speculation or rumor! I am keeping my fingers crossed over a God of War 4 PS3 reveal and hopefully share the love with PS Vita too by allowing Cross Platform play too. I certainly hope I don't get my self too excited and end up seeing a God of War exclusive to the PS Vita.

I have already marked April 19th as a red letter day and I hope fans of the series will do the same, Hopefully we will see footage, screens and story details at this years E3 if it is indeed God of War.

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