Mad Max New Gameplay Details Revealed

PlayStation Access in an interview with Avalanche, learns some new information about the studios' upcoming open world action adventure Mad Max.

The interview can be watched below:

In an interview with DSOG, Alvar Johnson, Lead Programmer on Mad Max, shared a few details on Avalanche's plans for the Avalanche Engine, and the game.

Johnson explains the graphical features of the Avalanche Engine:

Since the Avalanche Engine has been used in several games, it has picked up a lot of graphical features along the way. The engine is optimized for open world games so you will find dynamic time of day and dynamic weather, with some big sand storms. Mad Max is set in The Wasteland where a lot of the ground is visible, so we added parallax occlusion mapping to give some depth to the terrain material.

There also isn’t any living vegetation, or bodies of water, so the variation in shaders range between materials like sand, paint, blood and chrome. We’ve got some very talented lighting and effect artists, and we work a lot with light projections and dynamic shadows as well as fire, dust and debris swirling around to create motion and variations.

Mad Max will release on September 1 2015 in North America, with a European release to follow on September 4. A closer look at the game will likely be available during E3 2015 in June. We will bring you any new information on Mad Max as soon as it becomes available.

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