Mad Catz Announces the M.O.J.O M1 Gaming Mouse

M.O.J.O. M1
Source: Mad Catz

Gaming Mice has been adapting to feature faster sensors and have an incredibly lightweight design; this is shown in the M.O.J.O M1 gaming mouse announced featuring a 12,000 DPI optical sensor and a weight of just 70 grams. Mad Catz recently not only a press-release but also the product page for the M.O.J.O M1 gaming mouse.

Mad Catz Releases the M.O.J.O M1 gaming mouse featuring DAKOTA mechanical switches and a PMW3360 optical sensor

The M.O.J.O M1 gaming mouse features the PMW3360 optical sensor, which ensures up to 12K DPI for highly competitive games. This high sensor speed ensures that all of your actions will be reflected in your game of choice. This sensor allows the DPI to be adjusted manually with no additional software required.

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Source: Mad Catz

This mouse is the first mouse to feature Mad Catz's own DAKOTA mechanical switches; these mechanical switches are designed to have a switch response time of only two milliseconds. These switches offer up to 60% faster response time than those currently rated for 60 million clicks.

The M.O.J.O M1 gaming mouse also features a lightweight design offering a weight of 70 grams; this lightweight design allows for gamers to easily and quickly move the mouse. This design is facilitated through the triangle-shaped holes in the mouse; this design removes a fair amount of plastic from the mouse.

Source: Mad Cat

The unique design of the M.O.J.O M1 gaming mouse allows for the RGB lighting to easily create lighting effects not only on your mouse but also on the mousepad. This RGB lighting effect can be adjusted through the mouse with no need for software or drivers installed.

This design allows for RGB lighting and lightweight design and accommodates the two major grip styles, Claw grip and Palm grip style. These two styles are predominately used by gamers ranging from casual gamers to eSports gamers. This design enables the gamer to easily game for long hours while reducing video game injuries of the hands, wrists, and even forearms.

The M.O.J.O M1 gaming mouse is stated to begin shipping soon, close to the near end of November, and Availability is stated to vary by region.

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