Macs Expected To Reach Shipments Of 20 million for 2016 – Slow Smartphone Growth Might Have A Silver Lining

While Apple did refresh its iMac lineup in 2015, the latest report states that Macs, which both include desktop and notebook machines are expected to reach a hefty number of shipments for the tech giant, translating them into a heavy revenue generator.

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Skylake Powered MacBooks Most Likely Getting Announced During Month Of March – Will These Powerful Machines Pick Off Where iPhone Growth Has Slowed?

According to the latest statistics, supply makers are going to start producing Apple’s 12 and 13.3 inch MacBooks at the end of the first quarter or in early second quarter, while the powerful 15 inch models will start getting produced from the third quarter of this year. Now for the statistical data, Apple had shipped 5.312 million MacBook products during the fourth quarter of 2015, which was a slip of 7 percent from the previous quarter and 4 percent from 2014.

For the entire 12 month span of 2015, shipments of Macs were up 4.03 percent to 20.38 million units, while Mac revenues had increased 2.61 percent to $25.273 billion USD. This year, we might be looking at the same figure for all of the machines combined, and there is a slight chance that the figure might increase since Intel’s Skylake processors are going to be powering on the MacBook Pro lineup of the company. In our previous report, we detailed that the 15 inch notebooks are most likely going to be running the following processors:

  • Core i7-6770HQ: A 2.6GHz quad-core processor
  • Core i7-6870HQ: A 2.7GHz quad-core processor
  • Core i7-6970HQ: A 2.8GHz quad-core processor
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While we say this, keep in mind that Intel also released a family of Xeon mobile processors, so these chips could also end up powering the MacBook Pro lineup in the near future. The processors (image given directly below) could definitely define the raw processing capabilities of this new lineup, but it could also mean that Apple would be forced to exponentially increase the pricing of its notebook family, because just look at those prices. Additionally, Apple does not like to skimp out on incorporating these notebooks with fast PCI-E based flash storage that deliver blistering read and write speeds, so we could be looking at a pretty expensive product lineup in the foreseeable future (possibly at WWDC 2016 or just a brief sliver of what to expect later down the road).

With the introduction of Type-C USB ports, we could see such an interface present on the upcoming MacBook Pro family, which would provide a new combination of power delivery and high speed data transfers from a single port. The extra processing power could also mean that Apple could incorporate high resolution displays inside the MacBook Pro family, since these machines would effortlessly be able to push a high amount of pixels across all that real estate.

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One analyst is quite optimistic of Apple’s Macs, and states that if mobile sales do slow down, then these products will definitely contribute to the company’s growth. What are your thoughts on the upcoming machines? Let us know your thoughts.

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