One Analyst Believes That MacBooks Will Contribute To Apple’s Revenue Stream

Omar Sohail

An analyst belonging to KGI Securities by the name of Ming-Chi Kuo is strongly against the prospect of the upcoming 4 inch iPhone delivering a strong revenue stream for Apple. However, he has the opposite impression towards the upcoming MacBooks, and we have to say that we strongly support his opinion, for the following reasons.

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Upcoming MacBooks Will Be Powered By Skylake Processors – More Efficiency And Additional Performance Through Different Product Lineup Variation Will Deliver A Nice Revenue Stream For The Company

Despite the fact that Apple introduced one Intel Broadwell powered iMac and one Skylake powered desktop system in 2015, we are under the impression that the upcoming MacBooks from the tech giant will all comprise up of the 6th generation processors. Processed on Intel’s 14nm technology (which is the based on the same lithographic process as the company’s Broadwell lineup), the company could very well be introducing a 12 inch MacBook successor that will take the reins over the Core M powered notebook. Perhaps Apple might have thought that slimming down the form factor is not the greatest of options and in addition to incorporating a Type-C USB port, the firm might also places a multitude of other ports for greater flexibility.

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We believe that in addition to a 12 inch MacBook successor, the company’s MacBook Air and MacBook Pro family will also feature Type-C USB ports in order to facilitate high-speed data transfers as well as charging the notebook quickly. In addition, Apple will most likely be retaining its Force Touch tech in all MacBooks, and might even apply a little upgrade by adding additional functionality depending on how much force the user applies their fingers on the track pad. The biggest perk of owning such notebooks was their monumental battery and thanks to improved performance and better efficiency due to the inclusion of Skylake processors, not to mention the promise of future updates, we can expect that future MacBooks to deliver even better battery life to consumers.

According to a source, Skylake processors will boost CPU speeds by 10 to 20 percent, and integrated graphics chips by 16 to 41 percent. Additional info also suggests that switching to Skylake laptops could add as much 30 percent more battery life. Thanks to this upgraded performance, we expect that the resolution across these notebooks will also be increased, since these chips will easily be able to push all those pixels across the screen. A few hours ago, we detailed benchmarks between Apple’s A9X and Intel’s Core M processor, showing how the latter was able to display better performance in a variety of tests.

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This shows that it is possible that Apple can slowly reduce its dependency on Intel by incorporating its own SoCs inside its notebooks, at least for the successor of the 12 inch MacBook. However, we strongly believe that the upcoming machines are not going to be sporting the tech giant’s A9X, but it is possible that the company decides to make some form of transition with its A10X, which is a going to be a faster variant of the 10nm FinFET A10.

All in all, if the 4 inch iPhone cannot become the revenue driver for the company, then the Skylake powered MacBooks will leave their mark when they have been announced by Apple. Tell us what you think of our views in the polls below.

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