macOS 10.12.2 Beta 6 Seeded to Developers


Apple has released the sixth beta of macOS 10.12.2 to developers. You can download the update over the air right away. We will show you how.

macOS 10.12.2 Beta 6 Arrives a Couple of Days After Beta 5

Apple is on a roll it seems. Having released iOS 10.2 Beta 7 just yesterday, and macOS 10.12.2 Beta 5 a couple of days back, Apple has seeded the sixth beta of macOS 10.12.2 to developers today. Nonetheless, regardless of what Apple patched up so quickly, everyone should go ahead and install it onto their devices.

In order to install macOS 10.12.2 Beta 6 over the air, you should have a previous version of the beta installed in the first place. Provided you fulfill that requirement, click to open the Mac App Store. Once launched, click on the Updates tab at the top. Wait for the store to refresh and the update to show up. Once you see the update, click on the Update button next to it, initiating the download. Once the download is complete, macOS will prompt you for installation. As with any other macOS update, you will be required to restart your Mac therefore save all your work beforehand.

The installation can take quite a while depending on the age of your Mac. If you have an iMac or MacBook with a SSD, then things should come along rather quickly. If not, then give your computer a break and let it run through its course of installation. Once the installation is complete, you will boot straight into macOS, all set to use the operating system as you normally would.

Currently available for developers, macOS 10.12.2 Beta is also available as a public beta. Head over to, sign up, and download the update via the Mac App Store. It's absolutely free, unlike its developer-oriented counterpart.

Given we are sitting on top of the sixth beta release of macOS 10.12.2, it won't be long till we see the final build hit download channels. It's highly likely we will see the operating system see itself for release close to the end of this year. There is also a chance Apple might push things to early 2017, given there is work left on its operating system that needs to be sorted out. Whatever the case might be, we will inform our readers about its available, along with necessary guides and whatnot showing you how to install it through the simplest way known to mankind.

Be ready for the big day as it arrives.