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MacBook Shipments Tally in 2017 to Outperform Previous Year by a Decent Margin


Apple’s 2016 lineup of MacBook and MacBook Pro come with their fixed share of complaints, but according to the latest report, it looks like these notebooks are actually going to outperform the company’s selling performance this year when compared to 2016. While we can say that it is because of the latest products that were announced, it could also be due to a different lineup of laptops that are expected to come later this year.

Apple’s MacBook Shipments Expected to Cross the 15 Million Mark – Impressive for Notebooks That Come Without Traditional Ports

According to the latest report from supply chains that are close to the matter (via Fudzilla), both the MacBook and MacBook Pro family of machines are expected to ship around 15 million units this year. This is definitely more than the 13.5 million units that were shipped last year. There could be several reasons behind the increase in shipments. First off, the 13.5 million shipments tally could possibly be due to the fact that consumers were waiting for the new MacBook Pro refresh to arrive in order to finally upgrade to a ‘more’ worthy machine.

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Additionally, Apple is expected to refresh its 12-inch MacBook and the remaining family of notebooks with Kaby Lake processors, and we could also see a 15-inch MacBook Pro model come armed with up to 32GB of RAM, which will definitely be helpful for users categorized under creative professionals and content creators, since they use applications that require a tremendous amount of system resources, particularly RAM. Though Kaby Lake are on par with Skylake chips as far as performance is concerned, they are equipped with better iGPUs and also provide support for higher and faster RAM.

Consumer Reports wasn’t too pleased with the consumer units that they had gotten their hands on initially and failed to provide them with a recommendation. However, after working closely with Apple and sorting out a few bugs, Consumer Reports now recommends that you go ahead and purchase the new notebook family. We feel that with the announcement of the Kaby Lake-powered models, the pricing of the Skylake-powered variants should be reduced, making them more affordable to the public.

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