MacBook Pro and Future Macs Could Be Powered by NVIDIA chips – Latest Job Postings Provide Evidence


Even if you visit Apple’s website right away, you’ll notice that the high-end MacBook Pro and iMac are outfitted with an AMD GPU, with no NVIDIA chip insight. With AMD Polaris going strong, particularly the RX 480, it would obviously make sense for Apple to stick with AMD for its upcoming MacBook Pro lineup right? Turns out that NVIDIA could also become one of the tech giant’s partners in the coming months.

NVIDIA Job Postings Show That the GPU Manufacturer Could Partner With Apple for MacBook Pro and iMac Models in the Coming Future

According to Bloomberg, job listings for a software engineer has been stated, with the following details added: ‘help produce the next revolutionary Apple products’. The job description also details that the role would require ‘working in partnership with Apple’ as well as writing code that will ‘define and shape the future’ of graphics-related software on Macs.

Currently, there are a total of three job listings on NVIDIA’s database referencing Apple, and the latest one appeared just last week. Looking at Apple’s previous behavior, by partnering with more than one firm for a specific component, it can actually get better pricing for that specific component. For example, Qualcomm was the chief supplier for iPhone’s LTE modems till the announcement of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, that is unless Intel was introduced into the fold. This allows for Apple to further negotiate prices for a higher profit margin, as the companies would charge Apple less what was previously quoted.

Similarly, the same scenario might be set up here, so it is quite possible that we’ll be seeing both AMD’s and NVIDIA’s chips present inside the upcoming MacBook Pro and iMac. There is no word if Apple is going to be refreshing its Mac Pro, but with cheaper and more power solutions available readily for consumers, we highly doubt that the company would entertain this refresh.