Mac Mini To Get An Upgrade? Apple Boot Camp Page Lists Mac Mini ‘Mid 2014’

When it comes to rumors, the Mac Mini is one Apple product that has received little to no coverage. The latest version of the Mac Mini was launched by Apple in 2012. With the ways things move forward today, the Mac Mini is one Apple product that is long overdue for an upgrade. Apple only yesterday upgraded its offerings of the Retina MacBook Pro.

The 13 and 15 inch versions of the popular notebook receive significant upgrades over their predecessors, including an upgraded range of Haswell processors. In fact, just after a day having passed since the upgrade, we've been able to get our hands on comprehensive benchmarks for the products. These show performance increase of over 8% over previous versions. Well, back to the Mac Mini. Apple's Boot Camp system requirements page for Windows, a new Mac Mini for Mid 2014 showed up earlier today.

Apple Boot Camp System Requirements Page Lists Mac Mini For Mid 2014

There's no use for clicking on the link above if you're looking to check out the listing for the Mac Mini. The listing has been taken down for now. Given the complete lack of speculation and rumors related to the Mac Mini, this should be a blessing for those interested in it. Maybe the update was a mistake. Or maybe it wasn't. We'd like to think its the latter since the Mac Mini could really use an upgrade. Or perhaps even a complete redesign. Guess we'll have to wait. But whatever the case maybe, one thing's for sure. The Mac Mini really really needs an upgrade.

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