M1 MacBook Air With 512GB Storage, Gold Version Now $50 Cheaper on Amazon [New Price – $1,199]


Previously, Apple’s M1 MacBook Pro got a $50 price cut on Amazon, and now the M1 MacBook Air gets the same discount. However, the base model hasn’t been discounted and costs the same $999.99 for the 256GB model. It’s the 512GB storage variant that is cheaper, costing $1,199 for the Gold finish. The remaining finishes in Silver and Space Gray will set you back by $1,249.99.

Irrespective of which version or color you pick up, the M1 MacBook Air delivers the same performance and power-efficiency level. Thanks to the magic, or should we say, impressive engineering that went into making the M1 silicon, the M1 MacBook Air is actually more powerful than the 16-inch 8-core MacBook Pro, and it’s able to beat the $5,000 Mac Pro in some tests. You also get a 13-inch display, along with 8GB of unified RAM, with the entire configuration comfortably able to tackle any workload thrown in its path.

You also get a ton of battery life from the M1 MacBook Air, with Apple claiming that users can experience up to 18 hours of endurance. That’s more than twice as much battery life as some ‘thin and light’ Windows 10 notebooks with Intel chips can provide, so it’s impressive to see this level of efficiency. The M1 MacBook Air also sports impeccable build quality, and its cooling solution is fanless. In short, it’s completely silent, and you won’t be disturbed by the fan ramping up unnecessarily.

There’s Touch ID on the top-right corner, and the trackpad is generously large for a machine of this size. Then again, Apple was always known for providing large surface area trackpads, and we’re glad that the trend hasn’t ended for less expensive notebooks like the M1 MacBook Air. If you want something with a little more performance and battery life, you can get the M1 MacBook Pro, which has also been discounted on Amazon, as we’ve mentioned above.

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