M1 MacBook Pro Is Already $50 Cheaper on Amazon for 256GB, 512GB Storage Variants


Apple’s M1 MacBook Pro was officially released on November 17, and it has hardly been a few days since the newer model became cheaper on Amazon. With a $50 discount on both the 256GB and 512GB storage variants, the M1 MacBook Pro now starts from $1,249 instead of the $1,299 that Apple charges for the base version. Apart from the storage variants, the new machine can also be purchased in the Silver and Space Gray finishes while getting the same discount.

All models on Amazon come with 8GB of unified RAM, along with a 13-inch display. In short, it looks identical to the previous 13-inch models, but you’ll definitely want to avail this offer as early as possible because of what we’re about to tell you. Firstly, without the Intel processors, Apple’s newest 5nm M1 chip makes the new MacBook Pro a treat to use. Countless performance numbers have shown that the M1 MacBook Pro is much faster than the pricier 16-inch MacBook Pro and the $5,000 Mac Pro in a few tests.

This means customers can experience unrivaled performance without sacrificing a ton of money. When it comes to battery life, the M1 MacBook Pro shines in that department too, and it’s all thanks to the M1 chip. Users can finally leave the new model unplugged from the power outlet all day because the new MacBook Pro can deliver double-digit battery life for regular workloads. Apple claims you can get up to a jaw-dropping 20 hours of battery timing on a single charge. We aren’t aware of any similarly priced notebook that can deliver this kind of endurance while being powerful at the same time.

You also get that stellar build, along with that generously-sized trackpad. Two USB 4 ports support the Thunderbolt 3 standard, allowing you to hook up external monitors, peripherals, and faster storage to improve your productivity. It’s honestly unreal how much you can get out of the new M1 MacBook Pro, and with the latest discount, you can get some savings too.

However, we don’t know for how long the price cut will last, so if you need a machine that offers performance, battery life, a robust build, and reliability, look no further than the M1 MacBook Pro.

Get the M1 MacBook Pro for $50 less on Amazon

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