Lower WhatsApp Audio Call Data Usage On iPhone – How To


Here's how you can decrease the amount of data being used by a WhatsApp audio call on iPhone.

Voice calling

WhatsApp cemented its position as the go-to IM service on mobile devices quite some time back, and to take things up a notch, the Facebook-owned company launched the much awaited voice calling feature, allowing users to go beyond text as the usual method of communication. But like any other voice calling service, WhatsApp audio call feature uses up data, which means you'll incur cost if you're on a cellular network. And things will drop to the lower quality spectrum if you have slow WiFi at home.

So how do you fix all of that? Simple - by lowering the amount of data that is being used by a WhatsApp audio call, and this option is built right into the app itself. We'll show you how you can toggle it on or off right on your iPhone.

Lower WhatsApp Audio Call Data Usage On iPhone

1. Assuming you have the WhatsApp for iPhone app installed on your device (download link) launch it from your home screen.

2. Tap on the 'Settings' tab at the bottom right corner.

3. Tap on 'Data Usage.'

Photo Feb 16, 4 40 03 PM

4. See the 'Low Data Usage' option under 'Call Settings'? Flip the toggle switch to the ON position.

Photo Feb 16, 4 40 07 PM

From here on in the WhatsApp audio call feature will use up lesser data on cellular and WiFi, ensuring good performance even if you have a slow Internet connection at hand. And since it's using lesser data, therefore you'll end up saving a little battery life as well.

If you have a fast Internet connection, WiFi and cellular both, and also happen to have unlimited data, topped off with battery life being of no concern to you, then we highly recommend that you leave the feature turned off. After all, there's nothing better in this world than a high quality audio call with a loved one, right? We're quite certain you'll agree with us on that one.

It's an absolute convenience that WhatsApp has launched the audio calling feature for the masses, allowing them to talk to their loved ones on a more personal level rather than just emoji and text. We're certain WhatsApp will eventually roll out video calling feature as well, taking things even further when it comes to personal communication.

Let's just hope things are rolled out soon rather than later.

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