Here’s How To Make Lock Screen Rock Solid & Disable Everything On iOS 10


With its launch, Apple claims that iOS 10 is the biggest update in the platform's history. It features several upgrades that make iOS 10 quite easy to use. The operating system's visuals aren't too poor either. It lends your iPhone an all new modern look, which isn't too bad. The lock screen in particular has received several overhauls. Notifications, widgets and control center see several upgrades. Still, you might want to secure your updates and messages if your iPhone is in a public place. Here's how to completely secure your device's lock screen in a few easy steps. Take a look below to find out more.

Secure Your iOS Device's Lock Screen Completely Through A Handful Of Steps

With iOS 10, you can carry out a lot of actions on your iPhone without having to unlock it. These include replying to messages, making calls, view messages and control home center. Still, if you're looking to disable either of these and more, you're going to need some help. We've compiled a list of methods to secure your home screen. So let's start.

1) Disable Replying To Messages From Lock Screen:

One of the first things that you need to do to ensure your lock screen control is disable replying to messages. This is a very convenient feature that allows users to reply to messages in a simple and hassle free manner. Still, if you're with a particularly intrusive bunch of people, it'll prove to be wise to disable this feature. There's a simple method to do this as you can see in the images above. All that you have to do is access Touch ID and Passcode. After you've done that, simply turn off Reply With Message, as shown in the third option above.

2) Disable Message Previews For Lock Screen:

Another step towards protecting your privacy on lock screen is through message previews. iOS lets you take a look at the content of messages that you've received on your iPhone without having to unlock the device. While this can be advantageous while you're alone, in company, you might not want strangers to look at your conversations. There's an easy fix for this problem too.

Starting from standard text messages, all that you have to do is access notifications through settings as shown in the images above. Next, simply toggle off 'Show Previews' and you're good to go. For Messenger, the process is only slightly trickier. You're going to have to open the app, access the Me tab, tap notifications and turn off the Show Previews option. For WhatsApp, open the Settings tab, tap notifications and toggle off Show Previews.

3) Turn Off Notifications Completely For Lock Screen:

Finally, you'll also be able to turn off notifications completely with iOS 10. If you feel that unnecessary notifications distract you from work and other conversations, the fix is simple. Head over to Settings and tap on Notifications. Next, tap on the app for which you'd like to disable notifications. In this case, we'll chose Messages. After you've opened the settings for the app, simply toggle off 'Show Notifications'. And voila. No more notifications for Messages on the lock screen.