Live Photos On iPhone 6s Reduces Camera Performance In Low Light, Here’s Why


Even though the iPhone 6s did not feature any major design variations, it did jump up in performance by quite a lot of margin compared to its predecessor. With a beautiful 3D Touch display and enhanced camera specs, the iPhone 6s is tough to beat. The camera sensor on the iPhone 6s is bumped up to 12 from 8 megapixels. This gives the smartphone the ability to shoot sharper and more vivid photos and videos. However, some users report that enabling Live Photos on the iPhone 6s causes the degradation of the camera performance in low-light situations.

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The issue was taken to Reddit for professing that the camera performance decreases when Live Photos is enabled. Live Photos is one of the new features of the iPhone 6s that enables users to capture a few moments in the form of a short 3-second compilation of burst shots. The issue stems out to both iPhone 6s and its bigger variant, the iPhone 6s Plus.

Let's see, in detail, how and why enabling Live Photos causes the camera to perform poorly in low-light situations.

Here's Why Live Photos Reduces Camera Performance In Low Light

While there might be several explanations for the issue, it seems there is a certain limitations to the shutter speed that causes the camera to reduce camera performance. Since Live Photos is dependent on the video mode, still photos will have shutter speed as low as the video frames allow. The Live Photos are captured with a shutter speed of 14fps and still photos take up 1/14th of a single second. The time required for the light to sink into sensors is minimum that causes the photos to appear a little dim. Since the iPhone 6s is in a video mode while capturing Live Photos, it denies the ability to amplify exposure while taking still shots.

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The shutter speed limitations also cause the still shots to appear more blurred than usual. The iPhone 6s is capable of making photos brighter by varying the exposure in the middle of video frames. However, it cannot do it twice in a row, given that it has only a fraction of a second.

If you want more bright and vivid photos, you can always turn the live Photos feature off. It is denoted by the little circular button on the display. Turning it off changes its color to white from yellow.

This is it for now, folks. Let us know in the comments below if you think you have the same scenario.