Lionhead Didn’t Have the Slightest Idea What Was About to Happen

Now that the dust cloud surrounding the sudden cancellation of Fable Legends and the shutdown of Lionhead Studios is beginning to fade, a few additional details are becoming clear.

We knew that Microsoft was still not giving any indication about what was about to happen at the recent press event in San Francisco. However, what's more troubling is that the folks at Lionhead apparently didn't have any idea until the very last minute.

Just a few hours before the unfortunate announcement, the Community Manager posted this reply when answering to the cry for news on the game:

Whilst we are well aware there is an eagerness for people to have more information and for everyone to play the game, we don't want to rush something out that will disappoint. We're taking the time and effort to really review feedback and data and update and improve the game based upon that. Sure, that means a few delays along the way but ultimately it's better to have a late but good game than an instant but not as good as it could be game.

That's even true for Lionhead's key members, in case you're wondering, as confirmed by Creative Director David Eckleberry (who was often featured in interviews on Fable Legends).

Quite ironically, Microsoft had sent flowers to Mr. Eckelberry's house just the previous day, possibly to congratulate for his daughter's birth.

There's even an unconfirmed report by one of the owners of GameWith about the Lionhead team receiving the news just as the Xbox Wire post was published, though that's merely a rumor at this point.

Fable Legends will be playable for beta testers until April 13 at 3PM GMT, and those eligible for a refund for gold purchased in-game will be contacted via email.

Let's hope that this isn't the end of the Fable IP, as that would be a real pity.

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