Limited Time Trade-in Deals for iPhone XS & iPhone XR Extended by Apple Once Again

Omar Sohail
Limited Time Trade-in Deals for iPhone XS & iPhone XR Extended by Apple Once Again

As admitted by Apple itself, the exorbitant price tags of its latest crop of iPhones are partly to be blamed for their dismal performance. In an attempt to get people to upgrade, Apple started offering a trade-in program nearly two months back, whereby consumers were given an incentive to upgrade to iPhone XR and iPhone XS for cheaper by trading in an older iPhone. The promotion was set to end this month on the 17th after being extended from the expiration date of January 31. It seems that the trade-in deal has been extended yet again.

The Trade-in Deal Extension Comes After Price Cuts in China, Which Resulted in a Sales Boom

According to Apple’s Chinese website, the promotional offer will continue until March 25. However, we can see the same thing happening in other locations soon, as the previous extension was also first spotted in Japan, before making it to other markets. It is worth mentioning that Apple is also tipped to hold its spring event on March 25.

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Unlike the customers in the U.S., those in other regions can only avail the trade-in offer at Apple’s retail stores and not through the company’s online store. Moreover, the U.S. website is apparently not mandated by law to mention an expiration date for the deal. If the deal indeed continues through March, it will run for a quarter of the year, making it anything but a limited time offer. Moreover, Apple might extend the offer again after the current cutoff date expires.

The prices of the iPhone XR and the iPhone XS usually start at $749 and $999 respectively and trading in old devices can result in huge savings. For instance, exchanging an iPhone 7 Plus in mint condition can results in savings of up to $300, while trading in last year’s iPhone X can reduce the prices of the new phones by $500.

Apple had previously reduced the prices of the iPhone 8, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS for third-party retailers in China in order to boost the sales of its devices in the world’s largest smartphone market. According to reports, the price cuts paid off as the sales of iPhones improved considerably after the price reduction.

News Source: 9to5Mac

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