Lian Li Strimer 24-pin Addressable RGB Extension Cable [Video]


It was time to replace our old test bench since moving into the new studio office and seeing as we went with a Lian Li PC-T70X it only seemed logical to use the new Lian Li Strimer 24-pin RGB Extension Cable along with it, right? After all they sent it over and I was mulling over how to put it to use and figured a test bench would be a fun place to stick it so I could really get a play at it.

The Lian Li Strimer kit was shown off at Computex this year and we covered the early details of it, but this is a retail ready kit that is being shipped.  There is also an 8-pin EPS variant and they are working on PCIe power versions as well to spruce up your graphics card with the wild light show.

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In this video we go over the details of the packaging, how it's installed, things to note, and demo it.  If you're bothered by RGB, this is definitely not something for you but if you're into flashy and bold I'm not sure there's anything more wild right now.

The Lian Li Strimer can be found on Newegg right now for $39.99