LG and Samsung Display to Handle Apple’s OLED Panel Requirements for the 2018 Period, Claims Analyst


Samsung’s resourcefulness has allowed it to maintain a healthy and continuous relationship with several smartphone manufacturers but that advantage has also allowed it to snare Apple and its quest to transition from IPS LCDs to OLED panels. For 2017, Samsung Display is going to be the tech giant’s key display supplier but Apple has plans to add LG Display to the fold as well, at least according to a popular analyst.

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According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Samsung will soon find a fair bit of competition from the likes of LG, even though that move is going to take place next year. It has not been confirmed what ratio LG Display will be picking up the production of OLED panels, but the manufacturer will obviously start small, as stated below.

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“Samsung is now Apple’s sole iPhone OLED panel supplier across front- and back-end manufacturing. We think LGD could institute a similar production model. However, considering its strengths are in front-end process, collaborating with a specialized back- end process provider like GIS will, in our view, significantly boost iPhone OLED panel output rate.”

LG Display entering as Apple’s supplier will benefit both parties as the former will be able to generate a substantial amount of revenue while the Cupertino tech giant will be able to negotiate better OLED panel prices from both Samsung and LG. Pricing of these displays might not entirely be in Apple’s hand thanks to Samsung massive production facilities but as more manufacturers are added to the list, Samsung’s significance is said to dwindle overtime.

For now, Apple has no choice but to play along with Samsung’s demands, but the same scenario isn’t going to be repeated when 2018 starts.

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News Source: 9to5mac