2018 iPhone X(s) Plus Will Feature Only Samsung’s 6.5″ OLED Display Panels


This year, reports from Apple's supply chain have long claimed that the company is looking to diversify its suppliers, especially for display panels. Apple plays a pretty tough supplier game and often prefers to have all the power in a situation, particularly with smaller companies who do not have a large customer base.

To that end, for the 2018 iPhone lineup, Apple reportedly turned to LG for fulfilling the OLED panel requirements of the larger iPhone X(s) Plus. To recap, the rumor mill believes that Apple will launch three smartphones this year.

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These are tentatively dubbed as the iPhone 9, iPhone X(s), and iPhone X(s) Plus. They will also feature screen sizes of 6.1", 5.8", and 6.5" respectively. With that out of the way, let's take a look at Apple and LG"s OLED problems for the iPhone X(s) Plus.

LG Fails To Maintain Mass Production Standards For The 6.4" iPhone X(s) Plus As The 2018 Lineup's Launch Date Nears

Despite facing serious problems with the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, Samsung dominance in the component industry is unparalleled. The Korean tech giant's massive resources allow it to invest heavily and reap the rewards in several sectors that range from memory chips to processors and display panels. Additionally, Samsung is the only smartphone display manufacturer with the expertise to deliver on Apple's exacting standards for the iPhone's displays.

Therefore, it's natural to see why Apple feels a bit hot around the collar when dealing with Samsung. To counter this, reports of LG supplying Apple with OLED panels for the 2018 iPhone lineup started to make rounds a while back. Sources believe that the largest iPhone Apple's ever made, the 6.4" iPhone X(s) Plus will come bearing display panels from LG.

However, if today's report from the Korean press bears fruit, then Apple's heavy dependence on Samsung for OLED panels will continue this year as well. Hopes for an LG-Apple partnership rose when it was reported that the Korean manufacturer had delivered display samples to Cupertino. Now, it might have fallen short in the steps that follow sample delivery.

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LG Display Yet To Pass Mass Production Testing To Supply OLED Panels For Apple's 2018 iPhone X(s) Plus; Will Most Likely Supply Panels For Replacement After Repairs

After supplying Apple with samples, the next step in LG's manufacturing process is running mass production runs. This ensures that any discrepancies and problems that might impact deliveries, later on, will be rooted out. However, right now, LG is unable to commence testing, which in turn raises doubts of the company's capability to supply Apple with enough panels in time for Apple to assemble the 2018 smartphone lineup and particularly the 6.5" iPhone X(s) Plus.

Right now it's estimated that LG will commence mass production by September, which will be too late for Apple's initial requirements. If LG fails to commence mass production by September, then it will be relegated to the role of secondary supplier, for providing display panels to be used on devices that Apple will repair after damage.

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