Following a Petition, LG Acknowledges G4 Bootloop Issue and is Offering Repairs


LG G4 users have been dealing with an annoying bootloop problem with their devices for the past few months. The device apparently reboots randomly and gets stuck in a bootloop. Having no solution to this LG G4 bootloop problem, users have been trying to get a fix from the company for a few months now. LG has finally come up with a response to the problem.

lg g4 bootloop

LG finds a fix for LG G4 bootloop issue:

The problem doesn't seem to be specific to any carrier or region, as owners of the flagship device around the globe have been reporting it. Since the LG G4 bootloop issue was getting no attention from the tech maker, users of the device filed a petition to get LG to send a fix for the problem. The petition was trying to get LG offer a replacement program for all the affected LG G4 units. Today, the company has finally acknowledged the LG G4 bootloop issue and is confirming that it is a hardware defect, due to "loose contact between components." LG has also said that it will offer repairs for the affected models of the smartphone.

LG G4 has given the following statement to AndroidAuthority:

LG Electronics has been made aware of a booting issue with the LG G4 smartphone that has now been identified as resulting from a loose contact between components. Customers who are experiencing booting issues with their LG G4s should contact their local carrier from where the G4 was purchased or a nearby LG Service Center ( for repair under full warranty.

Customers who purchased their G4 devices from non-carrier retailers should contact an LG Service Center with the understanding that warranty conditions will differ. LG Electronics is committed to providing the highest standards of product quality and customer service and apologizes for the inconvenience caused to some of our customers who initially received incorrect diagnoses.

As seen in the above statement, those having the warranty will be able to get the issue fixed. However, those of you who bought their devices from non-carrier retailers are recommended by the company to contact LG Service Center "with the understanding that warranty conditions will differ," possibly indicating that you will have to pay for the repairs. However, if the service center was unable to fix the issue for you previously, it was because of "misdiagnosis." As LG has now correctly identified the source of the problem, you should be able to get it all fixed.