LG GW990 for US market only & not UK

Omer Saleem

Bad news for the much awaiting UK fans of LG's latest and most innovative mobile handset to day, the LG GW990. The phone runs on latest Intel processor along with a massive 5 inch screen estate but UK market will not see the light of this much anticipated device.

V3.co.uk reported that LG told them: “This handset will only be available in the US and unfortunately there are no plans to introduce it in the UK.” Well for one, UK customers can always order it online to be delivered on their door steps but it is all a matter of LG's decision which might turn in favor of UK market at the last minute.


The handset is due to be release in the US market by the mid of 2010 and maybe, just maybe, the UK fans might get a glimpse of it by late 2010 or early 2011.

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