LG G6 Pretty Much Confirmed to Ship Without Removable Battery Feature – Gets Other Upgrades


For the longest time, LG was known to retain the removable battery feature in a flagship since it presented flexibility for consumers in case the battery started losing its charge overtime, which is bound to happen. However, by incorporating premium features present in other devices, it looks like the G6 will have to get rid of that option for users, taking out one good thing about the company’s lineup. However, things do not have to look that bad because the handset is expected to make it work with a list of other important upgrades that otherwise would not have been present had the removable battery option been retained.

IP68 Water-Resistance and Wireless Charging Support Could Be Reasons Why LG G6 Will Come Without a Removable Battery

Nearly all flagship smartphones come without a removable battery feature and instead come with a full metal jacket to give the device a premium build and feel to it. However, it also removes the flexible option of allowing you to remove the battery and unless you’re an expert of tearing down the innards of the phone and replacing the battery, you’re going to be out of luck. However, we understand why the company would have been forced to do this.

LG G6 Get Android Pie on Verizon and in Europe

Most Android flagships come with an adhesive surrounding the borders of the smartphone and this prevents water from creeping inside and wreaking havoc to the device’s components. This approach was most likely necessary otherwise the phone would not have have been able to gain a water-resistance rating at all. According to CNET, LG G6 will also come with support for wireless charging, which is a flexible way of delivering juice to the phone. However, we sincerely hope that LG does not have intentions of removing the headphone jack still it will only make things worse for the manufacturer.

With Samsung having taken up the initial Snapdragon 835 shipment to be placed inside its own Galaxy S8, looks like LG G6 has no other choice but to use a Snapdragon 821. While this isn’t a bad move, the pricing decision of the flagship will have to be made while looking at all angles. You don’t want people paying a $600 premium for a smartphone that features a chipset that was introduced back in 2016. That would just spell trouble for the company.

On the other hand, the leaked images show that we could be in for a treat as far as the aesthetics go. What are your thoughts on the G6 shipping out without a removable battery option? Let us know your thoughts right away.