The LG G6 Will Release On April 7th In The US According To Company’s Official Plans


It's a good day for LG G6 leaks. The device has leaked in a benchmark posting and more than a dozen case renders. These provide us with a nice summary of what to expect from the Korean manufacturer this year. Now, there's more information on when it'll become available in the US. Take a look below to find out more.

The LG G6 Will Launch A Month After South Korea In The US

Talking about the G6, there isn't much left to be uncovered about the device. The smartphone will not feature a modular design, will have a button free front facade and a fingerprint sensor on its back. The device will also feature a dual camera and an overall form that follows its predecessor. It won't feature the Snapdragon 835 due to supply constraints. This factor alone can harm the company's market share by quite a bit especially as the LG G5 didn't fare that will with customers either.

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Now, folks over at Venture Beat claim to have the inside scope on the device's release date in the United States. If you're eager to lay your hands one, LG will release the device using carriers on April 7th. Users in its home country South Korea will obviously fare better, as the company's said to release the device for purchase on March 9th. Venture Beat claims to have laid its hands on some planning materials for the LG G6 and these dates do work in LG's favor.

Samsung will release the Galaxy S8 in April, with the device to launch in March. This will give LG a good head start to compete against the S8. However, the device's specifications will remain a major thorn in the company's side. When we talk flagships, only the most highly spec'd devices survive, making things quite tough for the LG G6. A Snapdragon 821 device in 2017 is going to need a lot of luck for its manufacturer to break even.

The G6's design and release are looking to be its only strengths. And even the former isn't a complete win for the company. While Apple and Samsung prepare to launch edge to edge OLEs in 2017, LG's going to have to do with simple LC. Makes us wonder what went wrong with the lineup really. The LG G4 was a massively popular device, but two modest smartphone launches in a row won't do the company any favors. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest.