LG G5 To Go Fully Premium With Metal Unibody Claim Sources


While Samsung's Galaxy S7 is the device that has been the feature of majority of rumors and leaks over the past couple of months, there are still a lot of other devices worth our time to be expected next year as well. One of these is the LG G5, a device that has seen little media attention given the rare amount of leaks that surface regarding it. Well today we've managed to our hands on one, so lets take a look below at what will change from the Korean manufacturer next year.

LG-G5LG G5 To Come Featuring A Metal Unibody Next Year

As a smartphone manufacturer, LG has matured quite a lot over the years. The company's known for making smart decisions when it comes to its devices and as a result, managed to gain a decent number of fans worldwide. When the rest of the smartphone world chose to rely on Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810, or choose their own processors for flagship mobile devices, LG understood that sometimes its not about the highest performing chipset, but an important integration of critical features on a smartphone.

In fact, the company also chose to pay particular attention to the LG G4's camera this year, since photograph has started to become an ever integral feature for countless users. Today's information states that next year, LG could also be looking to improve things further on the design aspect of the LG G5. This year's LG G4 came with a variety of back covers that users could choose from.

Now, news straight out of Korea suggests that LG will indeed be using a full metal body for the LG G5, making the Korean manufacturer another one to make the switch completely to premium design builds. Samsung's decision to do the same this year met with mixed responses, with some users appreciating the much needed design changes while other lamenting at the loss of MicroSD storage.

Well, if you're a fan of storage expansions on your device then looks like LG's G5 lineup will be another set of Android devices to join the metal race. The company recently launched the V10 with a 'Dura Guard' stainless steel frame which has its own unique properties with respect to strength and durability. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below. We'll keep you updated on all the latest.