LG G4 To Hit The Stores Tomorrow With T-Mobile

Of all the release date hype that has been building up for a couple of days, its finally time for the mighty LG G4 to hit the stores tomorrow. Yes! T-Mobile has announced the arrival of LG's latest handset to hit the stores tomorrow. The first wave of the release will reach those users who pre-ordered it. The retail store will start selling from the 3rd of June but the LG G4 will be set to sale online tomorrow from T-Mobile.

Among the four giant carriers in the US, T-Mobile is presumably the first one to launch the LG G4. However, its not uncanny to say that LG's G4 will be available via other carriers in the near future. A little light upon the LG G4. If you're planning to have one, you can get it for $599.76 or the $24.99 on a monthly base for a 2 year plan. Lets head to see what more does LG's G4 has in store for its customers.

T-Mobile LG G4 To Come With A 128GB microSD Card

Well there has been a surprise kind of thing inside the LG G4's box. LG has included a 128GB microSD card for free inside the box which you will get on the purchase 'while the supplies last'. This exclusivity of a free microSD card has been reserved only for T-Mobile users. In fact, the the memory card has been an addition from the carrier itself.

Customers who will buy the LG G4 from a different source are nullified for the provision of a 128GB but will only be getting a 32GB microSD card. Fair enough as a promotional strategy. So head on to T-Mobile for the LG G4 if you wish to get the 128GB limited time offer.

Speaking of accessory, we already know that LG G4 will be coming with a spare battery inside the box, a charger and a memory card that we mentioned earlier. Do take note that the brown leather variant of the LG G4 is only available with T-Mobile in the US. However, there will be more colors and materials to choose from. As for now, let us know your thought on the LG G4 and its release tomorrow. Are you folks excited for it? Let us know in the comments.

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