LG Could Be Dropping Its ‘G’ Series of Smartphones for a New Lineup Which Might Use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765


Although we have been hearing rumors about the LG G9 for quite some time now, the phone has apparently been shelved. In fact, the South Korean company is scrapping off the whole series, if a new report is to go by.

LG G Branding Is Getting Dropped After Introduction in 2012

According to the report, the G series will not be continued any longer and it will instead be replaced by a new line that will emphasize on design and affordability. It seems like the first phone from the series will be underpinned by a Qualcomm 700 series of chipsets, presumably the Snapdragon 765 or the Snapdragon 765G. The report has doled out more specs too. The display will be between 6.7 to 6.9-inches, a huge departure from the existing 6.4-inch screen of the G series.

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If you look around, large displays are kind of the hallmark of the latest mass-market phones, along with decent camera specs. LG has not left that part out apparently, as the report also claims that the phone will have a quad-camera system, with the primary sensor being a 48MP one. Lastly, it’s tipped to pack in a hefty 4000mAh battery. Let us not forget, the new line will also be inheriting the dual-screen accessory which is the company’s answer to foldable phones for the time being.

The price is expected to stay within the $800 mark though. In fact, given that the LG G9 was tipped to cost $705, we think the new device will fall within the sub-$700 range. Good value for money can provide the company with the fighting chance it needs to stay relevant in the heated smartphone market. Otherwise, making the all too familiar mistake of keeping prices high will only subjugate the chances of the popularity of the new series.

The new series will also allow the company to capture an audience that’s looking forward to affordable 5G phones. If previous reports are to go by, we believe the new range will only be launched in South Korea and other regions, but not in more affluent markets like North America and Western Europe where LG will continue to market its flagship V Series.

News Source: Naver News Agency