Lenovo to Launch Gaming Phone Under Legion Brand in 2020


The original Razer Phone showed us what a 'gaming smartphone' is all about. Since then, a lot of OEMs have jumped on board the bandwagon and we now have a fair few devices that are marketed under the monicker. Based on a new handle on Weibo, it now appears that Lenovo wants to get into the gaming smartphone market.

This handle, in particular, appears to focus exclusively on mobile gaming content. The company already has a series of gaming laptops in its Legion series, and will soon launch smartphones bearing the same tag.

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Furthermore, Lenovo confirmed that it would release a Snapdragon 855+ powered smartphone 'soon'. That device is yet to see the light of day and could launch sometime next year as a Legion-branded gaming phone. We could even see the Snapdragon 855+ get replaced with a newer Snapdragon 865.

Lenovo already competes against the likes of Razer and ASUS in the notebook space and will have to do so again should it decide to release a gaming smartphone. The company has a slight edge here, as it has been in the smartphone business for a lot longer than ASUS and Razer. It could even partner with some game developer to launch an exclusive title.

Is a gaming smartphone what Lenovo needs to become relevant in the market again? Probably not. It can work on better updates for existing devices, software that isn't absolutely atrocious and not make users wait two years for software upgrades. Furthermore, do we even need another gaming smartphone; it's not like the existing ones are flying off the shelves to begin with.

Lenovo's recent mobile devices have been, well, not very great. Even its latest Z series flagship is rather underwhelming and easily beaten by the likes of OnePlus. That has prompted users to look at other market alternatives, of which there are plenty.

News Source: Gadgets 360