Lenovo Smart Cast Can Project Virtual Keyboards From Your Smartphone


We always thought that Apple was the king behind the innovation element in mobile devices. While the company has done some commendable things to make sure that consumers use smartphones and tablets differently in this current generation, Chinese tech firm Lenovo has brought something entirely new to the innovative table. Introducing Smart Cast, the latest smartphone projector from Lenovo that can place a virtual keyboard on any surface along with a gesture-based control system. So what’s all the buzz behind this? In short, the built-in projector planted inside the smartphone will allow you to project a keyboard on to any surface (a flat surface will be more preferable) and start using it like a regular keyboard.

Smart Cast Brings Gesture Controls That Allow Users To Control Their Handsets From A Surface

According to Pocket-Lint, Smart Cast has an advanced gesture-based control system, which in other words, means that you can start using a virtual keyboard, in real time. The only drawback to this approach is that unlike tangible keyboards, you won’t get a tactile feeling out of the surface that you’re tapping on, which is not so bad, considering how a virtual keyboard can be popped up anytime when you do not have access to an actual physical keyboard.

According to the source, there appears to be little to no latency present, which should present a comfortable experience to the user. Before Apple was gearing up to launch its iPhone 6 duo, there were rumors surrounding the handsets’ capability of performing the same function as Lenovo Smart Cast. Unfortunately, that did not turn out to be true and that is where Lenovo was able to capitalize.

Unfortunately, those are the only details available concerning Smart Cast. Lenovo has made no comments as to when Chinese company plans on releasing smartphones that will be incorporated with the built-in Pico projector. In the event that devices do get managed to be announced in 2015, do not expect a cheap price tag.

Image source: Pocket-Lint