Lenovo’s Convertible Chromebook Flex 11 Is an Affordable and Sturdy Offering at $279

Lenovo Flex 11

Convertible Chromebooks have been gaining popularity for quite some time. Giving a push to the trend, Lenovo has introduced Flex 11 Chromebook. It is an affordable 11.6-inch hybrid Chromebook, designed for running Android apps.

The Flex 11 does not have Google Play support yet, but it promises to bring it soon. This Chromebook is a combination of tablet and laptop with 2.1GHz quad-core ARM processor at its heart. However, the ARM SoC in Flex 11 is not as fast as Celeron or Core chips on other Chromebooks in the same range. There is 4GB of RAM onboard along with 32GB of storage. The resolution is 1366 x 768 pixels, which does not offer a crisp output but other features make Flex 11 a worthy choice among other convertibles.

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For connectivity, it offers USB Type-C support along with USB 3.0, HDMI and an SD card slot. The design is quite sturdy with water resistant coating on both the keyboard and trackpad, which makes it ready for some tough use. The battery on the Flex 11 is touted by Lenovo to deliver up to 10-hours output on a single charge.

Lenovo's pricing for Flex 11 makes it a real deal, you can own this convertible at $279. The device will be up for sale this month. Acer's Thinkpad is a better option considering specs, but it is student-centric device costing $439. The pricing of Flex 11 makes it an ideal choice for those who want to give a shot to convertible Chromebooks.

Let's talk about the sturdy and hybrid design of Lenovo Flex 11

The Flex 11 comes with a durable design, and it has a built-in "multimode" 360-degree hinge that lets you use it as a laptop and tablet. You just bend the screen 360-degree and comfortably watch a video on it, without the need of a stand. Or you can twist it 360-degree and fold it to turn it into a tablet.

Regarding durability, the Flex 11's water-resistant keyboard can take a water spill of up to 220ml. It has channels beneath the keyboard layer that stop the water from entering the electric components underneath. Even the ports and touchpad have a tough coating that makes them resistant to water damage. Also, the device is claimed by the company to be drop-proof from 75cm (2.4 feet). However, to make sure that you don't just drop it with a slip, there is a non-slip textured coating offering safety grip.

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