Lenovo Announces New ThinkPad Series Featuring 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen Pro Processors

Lenovo launched three new Windows 10 laptops paired with 2nd generation AMD Ryzen PRO processors. This is part of Lenovo's ThinkPad form factor which is well respected by the business community. Lenovo offers 3 models one of which is of their X line and the other 2 are from their T series. For anyone who does not know the meaning behind the naming, the T series is the flagship line that offers a great balance between ruggedness, features, processing power, and portability in a 14 or 15-inch laptop. The X series primarily focuses on portability with a thin and light design.

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The new ThinkPads use the second generation of AMD Ryzen PRO processors, which are 12nm improvements of the previous 14nm Ryzen Family. The naming of the Ryzen is quite weird as they are labeled 3000 series while being structured like the 2000 series desktop processors. As the ThinkPads are a staple of Lenovo, they are geared toward more business sided professionals. 

Three New Models - T495, T495s, and X395

The three new models - T495, T495s, and X395 all promise better battery life and better display brightness which this time goes up to 400 nits, with AMD FreeSync support as well. The advertised battery life is said to start at 14 hours for their base model. Of course, all the standard ThinkPad features like camera cover, dual far-field microphones, and optional PrivacyGuard screen covers, are included. 

Thinkpad T series models are 14 inches. The X series model is 13 inches. The starting price of all the ThinkPads $1089 USD which comes paired with an Athlon Pro 300U in the basic configuration. There are options to customize the ThinkPads to be more powerful.

Lenovo Thinkpad AMD Ryzen Pro

They pack anything from dual-core Athlon Pro 300U with Vega 3, to quad-core Ryzen R7 PRO 3700U with Vega 10. Power consumption is not a problem as the chips in the ThinkPads are rated for 15 watts TDP to go along with Lenovo statement of 14-hour battery life for the base models. These laptops are not meant for content creation or gaming as the ThinkPads have always been geared toward people in business who do not need much power but require a portable laptop. Interesting thing is that the ThinkPads were designed as slate tablets, so that is where the slim and portable design comes from. I think this is a feature packed laptop geared toward business industry professionals, but definitely not your average consumer which I would recommend a "gaming" laptop which offers features that are more for the average consumer. I recommend checking out the Acer Predator Titan 500.

For more details on configuration options and availability in your region, please visit the Lenovo Website,  and if the information is not available contact your regional Lenovo representative about pricing and availability. 

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