Leaked Watch Dogs Video, GIF and Webm Surface

If you have been hungering for some Watch Dogs with the game only a week away then you will be glad to hear that someone has already got their hands on the game, streamed it and has given us access to some brand new footage of the game. The game appears to be running on the PS4 which is further connected to the HDMI In port of an Xbox One. Why the person chose to go through such lengths is a mystery.

Watch Dogs is undoubtedly one of the most highly anticipated games for the new generation and current generation consoles. It is probably a game like any other and of course has built up quite some anticipation to it.

A whole series of videos have surfaced in the form of GIF's, webm's and even a 4 minute video which you really shouldn't waste your time on (if the goal of the video was to bore us to suicide, it will do the job).

The person originally made a debut on Watch Dogs forums and has quite an interesting name and story to share.

Hey guys, it's me. Didn't think this will blow out that big. I streamed only to my friend because he was really interested in game, I have Limited Edition pre-ordered myself for PS4. Some random guy found stream with 1 viewer on twitch (if you know how twitch works - that's insane) and then posted link on reddit, so more people = got Twitch stuff attention and got banned. I don't intend to stream it anymore.

Funny thing I got unbanned maybe 40 mins later and now people build conspiracy theories about whole thing being Ubisoft "controlled leak". Just to put record straight - I don't work for Ubisoft.

To answer few question I saw in thread - yes, you push doors with your palm if you are not running and kick them in with your shoulder when you do.

Game is amazing, one of the games that actually justify next-gen consoles, especially it's weather and lightning systems.

Couldn't show you much more, especially online, but when you think about WD online, closest thing will be Dark/Demon Souls, understand this as you will + few other online modes that remind me of GTA5/GTA4.

Also don't worry about my safety, I was "behind 3 proxies" (lol). But no really, I used 2 different private VPN providers, on top of each other. Also ran game in offline mode on my PS4 debug unit. I am sure I will be safe, and the twitter guy was random upset dude.

Hopefully Ubisoft community manager is not too mad at me, I was planning to show some free roam to my buddy to convince him buy the game on PS4 instead of PC so we could play together, didn't expect much attention.

Also here is high quality Gif (33FPS) and screenshot. Game is locked 30FPS by the way, it's just effect of 2 heavy encrypted VPNs that destroyed my upload speed, I saw some people complaining about "low framerate". Game is as smooth as AC4 on PS4 if anyone played that.

As you can see, twerkformiley, has indeed got quite some details to share and really has lived up to the true meaning of the game.

Here are some Leaked Watch Dogs Video, GIF and Webm for your viewing pleasure!


4 Minutes of the most of boring and lifeless gameplay you will EVER see. (Download)

The above video if you don't want to see it in HD.

Ouatchedogue from JVCMeyse on Vimeo.

Interesting Webm

Another interesting Webm

And a whole bunch of GIF's. Be patient with the loading.

wd-1 wd-2wd-3wd-4

wd-5 wd-6 wd-7wd-8

(at the time of posting this, these are all the media I could muster from the forum and other places, including Neogaf.)

As always, Ubisoft ninjas are super fast in taking down the YouTube videos, but a few people were able to catch the above GIF's before the take down.

As you can see, Watch Dogs appears to be a drop dead gorgeous game. If the game looks this good on the consoles running at 900 / 792pand 30FPS on the PS4 / Xbox One respectively then the game will look breath taking on the PC.

What do you think of the game? I for one am definitely going to get into the game.

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