Leaked God of War Footage Gives The Best Look Yet At The Game’s Combat System

After the recently leaked screenshots, today's new leaked footage of Sony Santa Monica's God of War provides the best look yet at the game's updated combat system.

There's about seventeen minutes of gameplay footage split into three videos, which we've embedded below. There aren't any major spoilers to speak of, but you may want to skip the footage entirely if you're planning to go fully blind into the game.

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God of War launches on April 20th exclusively for PlayStation 4, featuring a soft reboot of the franchise where the main character Kratos now resides in the world of Norse gods with his son Atreus. The latter will play a pivotal role in both the story, being the catalyst for Kratos' attempted change from merciless slaughterer to father and mentor, and the gameplay where Atreus will assist Kratos in a number of ways.

Other notable changes include the new third-person, over the shoulder camera view and the added focus on exploration, which goes as far as making some boss battles optional. Lastly, fans will notice that Kratos doesn't wear his signature weapons (the double chained blades) anymore; this time, he'll use the magical Leviathan Axe (which can be hurled and recalled not unlike Thor does with Mjolnir) and a shield which can be used both defensively and offensively.

God of War will be experienced in the best possible way with a PlayStation 4 Pro. The developers at Sony Santa Monica have confirmed that the game will run at dynamic 4K resolution achieved through 2160p checkerboard rendering, while owners of HDR and WCG (Wide Color Gamut) compatible TVs will enjoy those benefits, too. Lastly, even if you're stuck with a 1080p TV the built-in supersampling technique will yield a sharper picture quality when using a PlayStation 4 Pro console.

You may pre-order the game via Amazon. Needless to say, Sony went all in; aside from the Standard Edition, there's a $129.99 Collector's Edition and a Limited Edition PS4 Pro God of War bundle.

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