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Leaked Assassin’s Creed Origins Box Confirms Setting, Season Pass, Pre-Order Exclusive Mission


Assassin's Creed Origins is definitely the name of the next chapter in Ubisoft's action/adventure franchise.

A leaked box of the Steelbook Gold Edition from retailer Target confirmed that much alongside the Egypt setting, a Season pass and what seems to be a bonus mission that will be only available for those who pre-order - Secrets of the Pyramids.

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We don't know yet when Assassin's Creed Origins will hit physical and digital stores, but with Far Cry 5 scheduled for February 2018, it's a good bet to imagine this one being released in Fall 2017.

In terms of gameplay details, rumors indicate that it will be a vast open world featuring two playable characters. There should be a character progression system akin to that found in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and ship travel, as showcased in the only in-game image leaked so far, will be available too.
We'll know a lot more after Ubisoft's UbiE3 2017 conference, scheduled for June 12th at 1PM Pacific Time. Stay tuned.