Latest Version of Google Recorder App Now Available for Download on Non-Pixel Devices


Google's Recorder app is pretty useful for a whole range of people thanks to its real-time transcription feature. Instead of typing out notes, you can now record them and the app does a decent job of transcribing the words for you. Sure, it is a bit rough around the edges and fails miserably at transcribing anything it deems as an expletive.

Unfortunately, it is only available for the Pixel 4, officially at least. Google says that older devices will get it eventually, but ain't nobody got time for that. There is an early version of the app that you can download, but we recommend that you skip it and download the newer version instead.

Google Recorder Receives a Material You Makeover and Dynamic Theming Support

Download Google Recorder 1.0.27 APK

Do note that the app wasn't built for devices running Android Oreo and earlier, so you'll need one that runs at least Android Pie. It will work on most devices without most issues. There are, however, some models that it might not work fully on.

The Google Recorder app has reduced functionality on the ASUS ROG Phone, ROG Phone 2, all OPPO and Realme devices on Colour OS 6.0, and OnePlus devices running Oxygen OS 10.0. You can save and record voice clips, but the transcripts seem to disappear after you save a recording. Lastly, the app flat out refuses to work on Xiaomi devices. If you happen to own a device that isn't mentioned above, do let us know in the comments the make and model of your smartphone and if the app worked on it.

Do note that the Google Recorder app isn't intended for non-Pixel devices, so it is a surprise that it runs on other devices at all. Kudos to XDA Developers for going the extra mile and modifying the app to make it not crash whenever it detects a non-Pixel device. It is unclear as to when Google will officially release for all Android devices. Considering that it is a Pixel-exclusive, we may have to wait a bit.