[U: Fixed]Latest Update for T-Mobile OnePlus 6T Breaking Google Play Certification for Some Users

Anil Ganti
OnePlus 6T

Sometimes, OTA updates have been found to do more harm than good. Pixel users, for example, have had to deal with a fair share of bugs that resulted from OTA updates. The fix for said bugs broke something else, and the never-ending game of whack-a-mole continues. OnePlus, on the other hand, is a bit more careful about OTAs and rolls out updates only when they're certain that nothing major will break. The OnePlus 6T works like a well-oiled machine and has been at the receiving end of a few upgrades. However, the same can't be said for the T-Mobile variant of the device

The latest OnePlus 6T update rolled out by T-Mobile doesn't change anything. The changelog merely reads, "additional domestic roaming partner". However, it does the diametric opposite of what an update is supposed to do. Several users took to Reddit and other forums to complain that it broke their devices' Google Play certification. While it is common for nightly builds of third-party ROMs to remain uncertified, a stable build shouldn't be that way. Another possible workaround is to manually register your device on Google's 'unofficial device' page, but you're better off waiting for T-Mobile to roll out a fix.

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Without an active Google Play certification, services such as Play Protect and Google Pay won't work. Users were furious and understandably so. Possible solutions such as clearing Play Store data haven't been able to fix the problem. We will likely have to wait for T-Mobile to roll out another fix and nobody knows how long that'll be.

The worst part is, T-Mobile doesn't allow users to pause updates, so waiting this one out is pretty much impossible. The only silver lining is that the issue affects only some devices. So, if you're a OnePlus 6T user on T-Mobile and are yet to install the update, say a little prayer to the RNG gods and hope that you're not affected.

News Source: 9to5google

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