Laptop Is Sliced In Half By A Powerful Waterjet – Check Out The Video Here

Apr 18, 2016

On YouTube, there are a ton of videos posted of how devices like smartphones and tablets are able to survive torture tests ranging from water-based gauntlets, to several others. Some of them have been extremely clever, but none of them have come close to what you are about to see right now and it involves a laptop.

Laptop Is Sliced In Half By A Powerful Waterjet – Check Out The Video Here

Watch A Laptop Have A Nice Little Portion Get Cut Out Of It Thanks To The Use Of A Powerful Waterjet

Back in the day, when a laptop happened to be an extremely bulky machine; that bulk is what you only get to see on powerful gaming laptops, and for good reason too. However, the notebook being put to the test is a 2007 Toshiba laptop and it is safe to say that the powerful waterjet was able to seal the fate of the machine. If you take a look at the video below, the waterjet runs at an extremely high pressure, and is effortlessly able to cut a nice little portion from the notebook.

Laptop (3)

You should definitely beware when trying this experiment because the powerful waterjet acts like a nice little fluid light saber in making quick work of the laptop. The machine used to actually carry out this test was a max Abrasive Waterjet, and needless to say, it is able to slice through virtually anything thanks to 60,000 PSI jets of water. Car tire pressure is rated at somewhere at 35 PSI, so there is no question on how powerful this waterjet is.

If this is able to slice through a laptop, imagine what it could do to other objects? Check out the video below to see how creative your mind can get.