Lady Dimitrescu Fallout 4 Mod Brings Resident Evil Village’s Popular Female Vampire to The Commonwealth


Ever since the release of the Resident Evil Village Maiden demo for PS5, the tall female vampire Lady Dimitrescu has mesmerized fans of the series. Although the demo is exclusive to PS5, Fallout 4 PC players can now also enjoy the looks of the vampire lady.

Created by modder ‘Vtaw’,  the Lady Dimitrescu mod for Fallout 4 is an outfit modification based on the lady in the upcoming Resident Evil Village. The mod includes pre-made meshes and uses stock Fallout 4 physics. Those interested can craft Dimitrescu’s outfit within Fallout 4 using the Chem Station under Vtaw Lady or use the “IN GAME ESP Explorer” mod.

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We’ve included some screenshots of this great-looking Lady Dimitrescu Fallout 4 modification down below.

Those interested can download the new mod via Nexusmods. Be sure to read the installation instructions first.

Resident Evil Village launches globally next month for PC and consoles. We've included a part of the official press release following the release of the Maiden demo down below:

The diverse cast of enemies appearing in today’s digital program are just a few revealed from Resident Evil Village so far. Ethan will face off against many threats such as fast-moving creatures that relentlessly stalk him and Lady Dimitrescu’s mysterious daughters who can transform into swarms of insects. The game’s disparate lineup of adversaries will have their own distinctive ways of attacking, so players will need to adapt their strategies with quick decisions on when to attack, guard or flee in order to survive. Ethan has a new kick move in his arsenal to create distance from enemies and buy precious time to decide his next move.

Starting today, PlayStation 5 owners can get an exclusive sneak peek of the castle area from Resident Evil Village with the Maiden demo. This stand-alone experience is separate, but showcases the stunning visuals and 3D Audio that await in the main game. As the Maiden, players will need to rely solely on their wits to make their escape in this tension-filled demo, as they’ll have no way to fight or defend themselves. A separate new demo for all platforms will be available later this spring.