Kingdom Hearts III New Commercial Focuses On Disney Worlds, Combat

Francesco De Meo
Kingdom Hearts III

A new commercial has been released today for Kingdom Hearts III, the third main entry in the series launching later this month on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The new commercial, which can be watched below, showcases some of the game's Disney worlds as well as combat, characters and more.

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In an interview from earlier this month, Kingdom Hearts III co-director Tai Yasue talked about the Disney world included in the game. Sadly, it seems like there won't be any surprise regarding this matter, as they have all been shown.

There are a lot of good, logical reasons for picking new Disney properties, like appealing to a wider audience; but honestly, the main reason we picked new worlds such as Frozen and Tangled was because they excited us. In terms of gameplay, there’s a lot of unique and crazy things you can do with a snowman that keeps on talking after having his head removed from his body, or a princess with super long golden hair. We’re not planning on revealing any surprise Disney worlds, but these new properties gave us a chance to come up with a lot of new and fresh ideas, that there will certain be a lot of surprises with the gameplay.

Kingdom Hearts III launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 29th.

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