Kinect support for Mass Effect 3 accidentally shown

Rizwan Anwer


The Kinect doesn't have a good amount of Adult titles for audiences to enjoy, you can enjoy basic party games like "Kinect Sports or Kinect Adventures" but you could be in real time control of your very own Commander Shepard (I'd HATE to be a biotic adept using the Kinect) using an XBOX 360 AND a Kinect together.

image courtesy of a reddit member

If you look on the top right of the box you can see the Kinect banner on it just for comparison sake look at the images below

see the resemblance? Although the image originated from EA Store it has now been taken down and replaced with a proper box art (kinect free) So can we expect Mass Effect 3 to offer a more "interactive" feel but I can safely say that this could get very tiring (considering the action Shepard goes through on his / her average mission) I just hope Kinect is optional like how they made Move support added for Killzone 3 but not a requirement.

I guess I can go ahead and dump this in the "to be found at E3 2011" pile right?


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