First Kinect review; a real “game changer”

ThisIsLondon, a British news paper which goes by the name of "The Evening Standard" was among the first to review Microsoft's upcoming motion control warrior called "The Kinect" (Previously known as Project Natal) while the PlayStation Move has a 2 Million sale lead the Kinect will have no trouble catching up to those numbers in any time, according to the newspaper it has called the Kinect "A real game changer: Microsoft has turned science fiction into fact". This is of course referring to Tom Cruises movie "Minority Report" upon which keyboard free computer navigation was shown.

The kinect is indeed a VERY unique idea after all, while the Wii and Move require 2 controllers and a motion bar (or PS EYE) the Kinect only requires the motion camera, eliminating the need for charging up any controllers and the only controllers you will need with the Kinect are your limbs. Although they took their sweet time releasing the Kinect Microsoft is probably following the moral of the turtle and the hare race, maybe this race CAN be won by being slow and steady?

Earlier it was mentioned that the Kinect had lag issues especially when more than one person was on the camera but the review doesn't mention any of the sort so maybe Microsoft fixed the Achilles heel of its future cash cow?

Kinect will hit stores on November 10th for 129 Pound Sterling (~$200 USD) I would definitely keep my eye out on this, and what makes me even more curious is how Microsoft plans on making FPS and TPS games like Call of Duty and Gears of War Kinect compatible if they ever do decide to do so.

Source: ThisIsLondon

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