Killzone 3 Multiplayer Goes Free To Play


Killzone 3 is officially going free to play, but like every other free to play title there will be limitations and caps for the free players and you will have to buy full access for $14.99 to unlock full rights to the game. This is a good move on Sony's end and can definitely help the multiplayer community grow even more, seeing as how Free to Play is a growing trend and how micro transactions are slowly becoming stronger in video games this is a bold move from Sony.

Get ready for a LOT of Brutal Melee Kills

The multiplayer of Killzone 3 was a huge improvement over the multiplayer of Killzone 2 and is still very popular but Sony has decided to make the multiplayer segment of the game free to play for anyone who owns a PS3 and has a PSN account. The multiplayer segment goes free to play starting February 28th and will be available at your local PlayStation Store for free. But just like any other Free to Play game there will be a level cap ( which isn't known yet ) and you will be required to unlock the full experience for only $14.99 which is 1 / 4th the price of the game on retail which I see is a reasonable price, because can you really get something as good as Killzone 3 for $14.99? in terms of Graphics and multiplayer?

This is a grand opportunity  for those who don't want Killzone for the singleplayer story and have probably sold / traded in their Killzone 3 copies from the previous year for another game, if you are looking straight for multiplayer action you can do so at a super low price from the comfort of your home.