Killzone 3 the next leaked game

Rizwan Anwer
Feb 13, 2011

After the eventful leak of the BETA of Crysis 2 it seems that Guirella games is the next to suffer from these leaks, but in the case of Guirella it’s much worse. Killzone 3 which was one of the most anticipated games of 2011 for the PS3 got leaked today too although unlike Crysis 2 this game can only be downloaded and played on Jailbroken PS3’s and the download size is a HEFTY 41GB so get ready for plenty of sleepless nights for those of you who are on <10Mbit internet connections. While the game was supposed to hit shelves on the 22nd of February along with EA's highly anticipated Bulletstorm it's a shame to see that the game got leaked on the internet for pirates to spoil. Last year it was bad enough when God of War 3 got leaked on the PS3 but this year this is probably the first leak on an exclusive game. The torrents are available on ThePirateBay and other torrent sites but it could take a while to download unless you get the games off private trackers.