Killer Instinct S3 Releasing In March For PC & XO; Tusk & Kim Wu Confirmed & More


Killer Instinct S3 will be releasing for both PC and Xbox One in March 2016. The title will be Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive, and will feature an updated Dojo tutorial alongside 2 new characters, including Tusk and Kim Wu.

During a Twitch interview with creative director Adam Isgreen, a lot of new details regarding the upcoming Killer Instinct season were revealed.

Over the past few months, a lot of rumors concerning the game’s new season have been circulating on the web. During the interview, the following rumors were confirmed.

Killer Instinct S3 will release in March 2016 exclusively for Windows 10 and the Xbox One. Those on Windows 7 or 8 won’t be able to play the game. Season 3 will feature an updated Dojo tutorial.

All time favourite characters Tusk and Kim Wu have been confirmed to appear at the season’s launch, and both characters will feature retro costumes.

Every character on the game’s roster will have tweaks to help balance the game to compensate for the new features, and mechanics being introduced in Season 3. On top of those tweaks, more characters will be available be at the season’s launch, than there during the launch of season 2. The remaining characters will be added in the coming months.

Killer Instinct 3 new confirmed details

Two characters that are currently on the roster will be re-worked. That means their set ups and how they gain meter will be different. It is confirmed that these two characters are not Glacius, Aganos, or Shadow Jago.

Although Ultimates for every character isn't confirmed, it is possible for all the characters to receive Ultimates due to the tech they developed when they created ARIA.

They will reveal more information at Pax South in San Antonio, TX sometime between January 29-31

There will be more community bundles in Season 3 due to the success of the Shadow Jago Fund Raiser. The purpose of the Fund Raisers will be determined by the community on what they want to see in Season 3 that didn't make the cut by launch. So if you want to see a certain guest character, stage, mode, feature, ect. that didn't make the cut, make yourself heard. They are actively seeking out the community's input.

Killer Instinct 3 implied details but not yet confirmed

A vampire character has been heavily implied but this hasn't been confirmed during the interview. We're probably looking at appearances by Eyedol and Gargos. On top of that, new accessories for all of the old characters might be introduced. Last but not least, Season 3 might introduce multiple guest characters alongside DLC for costumes and accessories.