Only a Few Glithces and Bugs – Just Cause 3 Performance Tweaks and Settings Inside


Just Cause 3 is finally here, letting us control Rico as he systematically destroys the paradise island of Medici. But that paradise isn't completely without issues that could ruin the vacation experience. The gameplay itself might be exciting and fun, but the graphical glitches that are present, most certainly are not.

Just Cause 3 not performing how you want it? So it goes, but check out some performance tips below.

We've already reported on the fact that there are some frame rate issues present on the PS4 and the Xbox One, with stuttering that seems to make a frequent appearance. Now, there are fewer graphical problems aside form the framerate on consoles, making it perhaps the most ideal experience on launch.

The PC version of Just Cause 3 seems to have it's own share of problems in addition to sometimes performing poor for some people. For the majority, the performance and being able to achieve playable framerates isn't the issue, but instead some interesting graphical bugs that seem to pop-up with regularity.

Flashing textures, missing textures, and even graphical settings that don't seem to stick as well as all manner of other graphical bugs are all topics that seem to have sprouted up in r/JustCause on Reddit. They aren't the norm, thankfully, but they do represent some serious issues that need to be taken care of. But it's because of that irregularity that they're somewhat hilarious. That and when water is somehow not rendered at all, it's very funny.

Screenshot courtesy 1v1meinminecraft via Reddit

Some performance tips for Just Cause 3

If you do happen to be in the minority that is having problems, try updating to the latest drivers, 359.06 for NVIDIA, and 15.11.1 Beta (with the hot fix update) for AMD. Those should have performance profiles for Just Cause 3 and will help to ensure it runs as smooth as possible. AMD, of course, is working with Avalanche to provide an even more optimized driver for their next driver update. The newest drivers seem to alleviate the most prevalent of glitches so far.

One of the most obvious settings to make sure you have correct is having V-Sync turned off. When on it limits framerate to a paltry 30FPS, which isn't acceptable on PC's that are capable of so much more. Also, the graphics engine is said to be incompatible with multi-GPU solutions, or so says NVIDIA in a response to a comment at the bottom of their guide, posted below. This is despite other games with the same engine supporting SLI and CrossFire, and a "Single-SLI profile" having been added in the latest drivers.

Also take a look at NVIDIA's PC performance guide they have posted to see just what settings might work best for your PC. In general it seems that Dynamic lighting, shadows and SSAO are expensive to use, though they do offer real graphical enhancements that might be in line with the performance hit that occur.

Also, of course, WaveWorks does have quite the impact on framerate, as would be expected. What it does is allow realistic physics and rendering of bodies of water, which isn't necessarily an easy thing to do. Having the water quality set to Very High can result in a large decrease in framerate. Water tessellation, on the otherhand, doesn't seem to have as large of an impact on performance when compared to how much better it can make water look.

Our review is underway and we'll have a performance analysis of our own out at the end of next week. In the meantime, let us know if you experience any issues of your own. Performance on the PC should be somewhat good, though not spectacular at this point.