Juice is a Bluetooth Manager Which Apple Should Have Made, Download Now

Apr 22, 2019 10:00 EDT

Good software always ticks our fancy and Juice happens to be one of them. It's available for the Mac and it's one of the best pieces of software we have seen in a long time.

No matter how much you love macOS and the Mac, there is no way you are fond of how Bluetooth devices are managed in the aforementioned OS. It's just bad. It has no eye candy and appears to be a UI element that is stuck in time.

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However, when I saw the app called Juice, a small part of me jumped up in excitement as it fixes something which Apple hasn't in a long, long time: Bluetooth management. Once downloaded and installed, you'll be presented with a UI that is similar to the Home app in macOS Mojave. Your devices will be outlined in a wonderful grid in which you can interact with them. But that is not all, if you want to access your favorite devices instantly, you can do so from the Touch Bar, Notification Center or the built-in Control Center in the menu bar.


That Touch Bar bit we mentioned above; it allows you to connect your Bluetooth devices from literally anywhere in macOS. This is something which Apple itself should have baked inside macOS, but thankfully someone else has filled the void with Juice.


Wrapping things up, you can get a list of details regarding the device that is connected to your Mac, including the signal strength, what sort of protocols it supports, battery level and more. Just right-click on the device's icon and you'll see everything up front.

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Given how great this app is, it's only justified that it comes with a price attached. And that price is just $5.99, which I believe is fairly reasonable given how great this piece of software is. Will I recommend downloading it? Yes, absolutely. It's handy for those who love to keep tabs on their connected Bluetooth devices and manage them in the best possible manner.

Hit the link below to learn more about Juice and download it if you like.