Jonsbo Releases the Jonsbo V8: A Small Form-Factor PC Case Which Offers A Fantastic Design!


Jonsbo, who is best known for its CPU coolers and AIO coolers, has created the Jonsbo V8 PC case. The Jonsbo V8 PC case offers an incredible SFF design that allows this case not only to look professional but offer a broad range of compatibility.

The Jonsbo V8 Small Form Factor PC case is the perfect choice for a Mini-ITX motherboard If you want an easy to build in case that offers a stylish design

The Jonsbo V8 PC case features a unique way to install the components, and this PC case features a motherboard tray that can be pulled from the chassis. This design offers easy installation and a smaller form factor.

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For compatibility, this case features support for an ITX motherboard and an SFX or SFX-L Power supplies. The supported SFX-L power supply length is up to 125 mm, which means that only smaller form factor power supplies can be installed. This case features support for a 195 mm tall CPU cooler and a graphics card with a length of up to 330 mm.

This limited compatibility is due to the overall size of the case being a small form factor case that has the dimensions of 249.5 mm for length, 290 mm for width, and a height of just 260 mm. This smaller size easily allows the PC to sit next to your monitor while taking up next to no space on your desk.

The front of the chassis features a 120 mm case fan to push air through the chassis. This chassis can mount up to a total of four different fans. The top featuring mounting points for up to two 120 mm fans, and the back features support for a single 120 mm or 140 mm case fan.

The front of the case features a brushed aluminum design, and while the front IO may be limited, the smaller IO allows the design of the case to be nearly uninterrupted. The front IO is just a single USB 3.1, a USB Type-C port, and a single audio port. The clean aesthetic of this case continues past the front panel. At this point, Jonsbo has yet to announce the availability or pricing of the Jonsbo V8 PC case.