Japan Just Solved A Major Concern With An App – Where Is The Nearest Vacant Toilet


‘When you gotta go, you gotta go’- you know what this means right? When nature calls, there is no stopping it. Imagine a true calling from nature and you are in a public place where all the nearby cubicles are full and there is a long line waiting. What do you do? Well, even thinking about it is making me uncomfortable. Japan as always has come up with a solution to this daily life problem. A Japanese company has come up with an app that will help locate the nearest vacant toilet.

Japan and its toilet solutions

The telecommunications giant KDDI said that the app will predict whether toilets are in use or not. How? The answer is simple; this will be done via sensors installed on the stall doors. The sensors will be able to tell whether the doors are closed or not. The sensors will then report to the app and app-users will in turn be able to know that which cubicles are in use and which are available. According to KDDI spokesman Daisuke Maruo, “People often waste time by looking around for an available toilet on various floors or by waiting until one becomes available. We believe this service will help people waste less time."

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If a toilet stall has been occupied for more than 30 minutes, the administrator will be notified. This is to serve as a warning against potential accidents. But if you fall asleep in the cubicle and somebody breaks down the door fearing something is wrong; then you are surely in for a lifetime of embarrassment. According to KDDI, the service will be first made available in office buildings. If it is successful then it will be rolled out in bigger public places like shopping malls, sports stadiums and train stations.

Weird doesn’t end here

The service will be made available in to facility owners in March. This is a very interesting model and probably is addressing one of the tiniest problems that people face today. KDDI also wishes to start a service that will allow them to analyze how much water is needed to flush toilets. Well, honestly I don’t know what to say. In this second plan an internet connected valve will determine the amount of time a person was in the toilet and from that will analyze that how much will be needed.

There is no harm in saying this, but the world definitely is becoming stranger and weirder day by day.