It Is Now Possible to Auto-Delete Your Google Location History and Web Activity

Google has been known to collect copious amounts of user data through its wide range of products. Most people don't care, but the ones who do were alarmed by the sheer volume of information Google had on them. The Mountain View-based tech giant did address those issues and made it a lot easier for users to keep a track of what information is stored. If there's something you want off your Google account, you'd have to delete it manually until now. As of today, that task can be automated. According to Google's blog post:

when you turn on settings like Location History or Web & App Activity, the data can make Google products more useful for you—like recommending a restaurant that you might enjoy, or helping you pick up where you left off on a previous search. We work to keep your data private and secure, and we’ve heard your feedback that we need to provide simpler ways for you to manage or delete it.

According to the new system, users can set how long you want Google to keep what it knows about where you went, what sites you visited, and how you use your Google apps. There are only two options: 3 or 18 months. After your set period, all the relevant data will be deleted from your account automatically.

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The changes are not live just yet and will be rolling out to everyone in the coming days, so keep an eye out for them in the Location History and Web/App Activity sections. The blog post mentions that auto-delete is coming to these areas first.

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