Using Multiple Accounts Becomes Easier, Google Adds Account Switcher to Chrome

Google Chrome’s beta version was equipped with an account switcher tool back in August last year and now the stable version of Chrome has also been equipped with one. So if you have multiple accounts, in this busy day and age you probably do, or just a single one, keeping your work private just became easier.

Now you can save your own tabs, bookmarks and history on your stable version of Chrome

If you don’t see an icon, or your name if you’re logged in to your Google account, on the top right hand side of your Chrome then you’re like me and don’t close your Chrome browser often. While there may be many reasons to keep your browser open I’d suggest you close it now and upon restarting it will show you a new icon which is an account switcher.

"Get started by clicking on 'You' in the upper right corner of your Chrome window and then clicking 'Sign in to Chrome.' You'll be able to switch devices and pick up where you left off with all of your tabs, bookmarks, and history automatically kept in sync. If you share a computer, click 'Switch person' to add your profile and get your own bookmarks, apps, and theme. Switching lets you keep your stuff separate," explained Google.


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”Anyone who’s argued over the TV remote knows that sharing a living room doesn’t mean you want to share everything else. The same is true on the web. So in the latest Chrome beta, we're exploring a new way for you to share your computer without sharing your business.” Said Chrome’s blogspot 

There's also a browse as Guest feature in which you can let other people use Chrome without them ever seeing your stuff and after they've done their work and closed their tabs their browsing information will be deleted from the computer. The main difference between the Incognito mode and the Guest mode is that the latter is treated as a separate profile that can't access data from your main profile. To enable Guest mode, click on Your name (or You if you've still not signed in) > Switch person > Browse as Guest.

You can also enable these features in chrome://flags:

1. copy this text in the address bar and press Enter:

2. select "Enable" in the dropdown below "Enable the new avatar menu"

3. (optional) select "Enable" next to "Enable fast user switching in the avatar menu" to quickly switch between profiles

4. click "Relaunch now" at the bottom of the page to restart the browser.

Pick "Disable" instead of "Enable" to turn off the new avatar menu.


The account switcher is a good addition to the Chrome family and will make using Chrome and managing multiple accounts easier for almost everyone.


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